[forge-users] Problems with scaffolding

Mario Marques Junior mario at scale.com.br
Tue Apr 12 17:48:27 EDT 2011

I used forge to create an entity in my project, and I have to do changes 
to work properly.

In view.xhtml, I put the Save button inside <c:if test="rendered 
condition"> (removing the rendered condtion from the <h:commandButton>), 
also send parameter edit=false to the Cancel button.

In PersistenceUtil.java, I put getEntityManager().joinTransaction(); on 
delete() and save().

I want to know if I should add other configuration so that I can stick 
with the default code generated or if I have to do this changes for 
every scaffolding.

Forge 1.0.0.Alpha3
JBossAS 6


Mario Marques Junior

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