[forge-users] ERROR [scaffold from-entity] Error generating default scaffolding

Christopher Britz britztopher at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 14:45:27 EST 2012

I've been getting this error *ERROR* [scaffold from-entity] Error
generating default scaffolding when i run the command "scaffold from-entity
~.domain.* --scaffoldType faces
--overwrite"  It appears that this is a relationship error when dealing
with a manyToMany relationship.  I have been using Dan Allen's "JBoss Java
EE workshop" example, found here (https://gist.github.com/1637464#comments),
however, not including openshift.  To reproduce start with the topic
an application with Forge" and instead of running a script to do all the
commands run through them manually.  When issuing the first scaffolding
command listed above I get the error listed in the subject line.  It looks
to me if you run all the commands for creating the entities then go on to
do the relationship part for the entities for the Customer --> Address
relation is where it jumps on the fail boat.  I could not find a forge log
for a better stacktrace.  If there is one I will be happy to send it. Also,
a little FYI i am using Forge inside of Eclipse with the Forge plugin
running version Beta5.

Hope this helps.
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