[forge-users] Plugin Problems when using Class.forName()

Max Schwaab max.schwaab at akquinet.de
Mon Jan 30 05:38:19 EST 2012

Hi Lincoln,

if I stop using shade with current snapshot it's still not working, if I 
stop using shade with Beta5 it's not working too...

I'll send you my code directly via email.

Thanks in advance


Am 27.01.2012 11:12, schrieb Max Schwaab:
> Hi Lincoln,
> the class doing the loading is from a third party framework.
> I use the framework via Maven dependency.
> The class which should be loaded is a class of my plugin project.
> And yes, its all packed in the plugin jar file.
> I think the author of the 3rd party framework uses Class.forName(), because forName() should  be accessed in a static way.
> One more thing:
> If I'm using the Forge Beta5, everything works, but I get a warning when installing my plugin via forge source-plugin (***WARNING*** Could not resolve dependency [some-jar:jar::${some.version}])
> If I'm using a Forge snapshot version, I don't get the warning, but the class is not found.
> I took a look at the dependencies folder for my plugin, for Forge Beta5 the "not-resolved"-dependencies are not in the dependencies folder. (But the plugin works, strange enough. Maybe because of the Maven shade?)
> For Forge snapshot version all dependencies are in the dependencies folder. (But the class searched with Class.forName() is not found)
> Some extra information:
> At the moment, I'm using the Maven shade plugin to shade my dependencies.
> If this is too confusing for you, I'll upload my source code, so you may have a look.
> Best regards
> Max
> ---
> One thing that you must take into account is the fact that Forge uses a
> modular ClassLoading environment called JBoss Modules. This means that
> classes are isolated from each other.
> The classpath of a typical java application if flat, where every class is
> visible to every other class because there is only a single classloader.
> That is not the case in Forge. In fact, classes have limited or no
> visibility to many classloaders. This allows us to support multiple version
> of the same class for use in many different plugins.
> I need more information about your project. Is the class you are loading in
> the same JAR as the class which is doing the loading? (Your plugin.) Also,
> may I recommend instead using
> `this.getClass().forName(...)`
> >/
> /
> Which says, "Start looking from the classloader of `this`," and anything
> else that is in that classloader's hierarchy of visibility.
> ~Lincoln
> Am 20.01.2012 17:49, schrieb Max Schwaab:
>> Hey there,
>> I try to get my plugin working and now I have the problem that my 
>> plugin can't find one of its classes when I try to invoke the default 
>> command.
>> The plugin does some stuff an finally a 
>> Class.forName("org.hibersap.forge.plugin.FunctionModuleSearch")
>> Do you have any hints why Class.forName() can't find the class?
>> The message is
>> ***ERROR*** [generate-sap-entities] Cannot find class 
>> org.hibersap.forge.plugin.FunctionModuleSearch in classpath
>> The funny thing about this is, with Forge Beta 5 everything is 
>> working fine, with the latest Forge snapshot I miss my class :\
>> This is all within the same Maven JAR plugin project. I'm using a 
>> framework which is using the Class.forName() method. So there's no 
>> way out of this :)
>> Must be something to do with the latest changes since Beta 5 is 
>> published.
>> Thanks for your help,
>> best regards,
>> Max
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