[forge-users] when i install my Plugin into the Forge environment, it gives error

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Tue Dec 31 09:22:14 EST 2013


I created plugin and when I made it available to forge using
command: forge source-plugin C:\afpj\workspaceDemo2013\spring-forge-plugin,I got
output saying “Success:Installed from spring-forge plugin sucessfully.

However,when I run command’ spring-forge-plugin install-example-facelet”,I
get error attached.

 PFA plugin project(I don’t have facet for it).

One thing I noticed from link: http://forge.jboss.org/docs/plugin_development/make-plugin-available.html#content (http://forge.jboss.org/docs/plugin_development/make-plugin-available.html#content)

,the message shown in this link: Your plugin is now installed and ready to use:, could not be
found in my console after installing plugin.

Could you let me know how to resolve this error at earliest


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