[forge-users] when i install my Plugin into the Forge environment, it gives error

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Tue Dec 31 15:09:29 EST 2013

Hey Justin,

      Your plugin was installed, but since it had no commands in it, you cannot invoke any functionality in the plugin. That's also the reason why you do not see a message that the "plugin X was activated" or that "command Y is now available".
      To add a command to your plugin, refer this section of the guide: http://forge.jboss.org/docs/plugin_development/add-commands-to-plugin.html#content

      But then, since you're just beginning to write a new plugin, I'd recommend that you start off with Forge 2 (scheduled to release this month). You can find instructions on developing and consuming various addons in Forge 2, in the README.md files in the Forge 2 repository: forge/core · GitHub (https://github.com/forge/core)


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