[forge-users] jboss-forge-2.5.0.Final wont start on Windows 7

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Fri Apr 25 19:22:21 EDT 2014

In March, I reported this same problem with version 2.3.0.Final - see https://community.jboss.org/thread/238385 (/thread/238385)

Following the forge 2 instructions at https://github.com/forge/core#jboss-forge-20 , I downloaded forge-distribution-2.5.0.Final-offline.zip and unzipped it to a folder on my c: drive.
I then changed my FORGE_HOME environment variable to point to the unzipped folder
My windows path variable previously contained %FORGE_HOME%\bin  

I then opened a command window in that directory and executed the command forge
The opening banner appeared for the correct version but no prompt ever appeared so that I could enter commands.

I was able to interrupt forge with Ctrl+C 

As with the earlier version, I was required to download the no-addons version and then run the command forge --install core
This produced a working version 2.5 of forge (after lebgthy downloads completed)

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