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I lke to use forge to create applications. The possibility to create addons is the best feature of forge but it is laking of documentation.
I recently found some explanation in the forge hol but I still have a lot of questions:
What are /How to use ...:
     - DependencyInstaller / Dependency
     - ProjectFactory
     - AbstractProjectCommand
     - AddAddonDependencyCommand

Can someone explain the structure of the addons created by forge?
 - addon
     - addon-api
     - addon-impl
     - addon-parent
     - addon-test

I'm creating an addon. How this addon can 'call' another addon:
 For example:
    - I would like from the addon to create a JPA entity
    - I would like from the addon to install an addon within a project with specific parameters

I would like also a simple example showing how to use templates.


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