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Let me try to answer these in sequence:

- DependencyInstaller is a service that can be @Injected (or looked up through the AddonRegistry) to add dependencies in your build descriptor
-  ProjectFactory creates and finds projects. Projects are found/created through ProjectProvider implementations (Maven, Gradle, etc)
- AbstractProjectCommand is a specialization of UICommand providing a getProject method and some methods (isProjectRequired()) that are bound to the existence of a Project in the current context in order to work
- AddAddonDependencyCommand as the name says, adds addon dependencies to a project.
- UIWizardStep/UIWizard are specializations of UICommand to provide multi-step wizards. See core/ui at master · forge/core · GitHub (https://github.com/forge/core/tree/master/ui#implement-a-multi-step-wizard) for more info
- ScaffoldProvider is an SPI to support multiple scaffold implementations

The structure proposed by new forge addons provides a clean separation of concerns, so you avoid for example, using implementation details on addons that will consume your addon.

For an addon to call another addon, you need to @Inject the service the other addon exposes. See forge/core · GitHub (https://github.com/forge/core#add-behavior-to-your-addon) for more info
To create a JPA Entity, you can @Inject the PersistenceOperations service from the javaee addon.

At last, but not least, see the "Process a Freemarker Template" example in http://forge.jboss.org/document/run-forge-embedded

Hope that helps!

George Gastaldi

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