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Wed Dec 17 11:51:07 EST 2014

It doesn't defeat the purpose. It's the same thing as separating an EJB into a Remote interface. You may have the Remote interface on your classpath, but that doesn't mean you have the implementation - that could be coming from somewhere completely different, even a different JVM.

If you don't have the API with the .class objects on your classpath, you can't interact with them. OSGi does not delegate in any way to Furnace. As far as OSGi knows, Furnace doesn't exist, so you still need the types on your classpath.

There are two classpaths that you shoudl care about:

1. What Furnace sees and you don't.
2. What you see and Furnace doesn't.

What joins those two classpaths is the ClassLoaderAdapterCallback proxy, which handles adapting the types between the two world views. Any (non-built in) type that crosses the classloader boundary between the two worlds must be proxied. If that proxy extends, implements, or one of those types references a type (such as Spring's ApplicationContext.class), then that type must be available on the classpath or proxying will fail. That is what I believe happened in your scenario, and that is why I believe including the Spring API jar on the OSGi classpath should resolve the issue.

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