[forge-users] How do I run Forge shell from the code ?

Antonio Goncalves antonio.mailing at gmail.com
Sun Feb 16 15:48:29 EST 2014

Hi developers,

I've cloned Forge 2 code on my local computer, I create pull/requests, test
new functionalities.... But do you know how I actually run the command
shell from the code ?

If I run the org.jboss.forge.bootstrap.Bootstrap class (it has a *public
static void *main method) the output just hangs (like when the Shell is not
installed) :

JBoss Forge, version [ 2.0.1-SNAPSHOT ] - JBoss, by Red Hat, Inc. [
http://forge.jboss.org ]

So I thought of passing this argument to the Bootstrap class (--install
org.jboss.forge.addon:core,2.0.1-SNAPSHOT) but there is a NPE at :

String result = System.*console*().readLine(*"Confirm installation [Y/n]? "*

So on debug mode I set the result to "Y" but after bootstrap.start(); the
VM just stopped gently.
I suppose the underlying question is : how do you run the shell once you
have made a change and want to test it ?

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