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Thu Mar 6 10:00:47 EST 2014

I have a jboss cluster set up in domain mode.
I want to use the jboss management rest api to fetch information about the hosts from the domain controller:

URL : http://myhost:9990/management (http://eclwsd004:9990/management)
Content Type: application/json
Content : {"operation":"read-attribute","address":[{"host":"*myhost09*"},{"server":"+server-node-A+"}],"name":"server-state"}


I get back :
Status : 500 Internal Server Error
| {"outcome" : "failed", "result" : null, "failure-description" : "JBAS014883: No resource definition is registered for address [\n | (\"host\" => \"*myhost09*\"),\n | (\"server\" => \"+server-node-A+\")\n]", "rolled-back" : true} |

where in host.xml on the host machine reads : 
<host name="*myhost09*" xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:1.4">
        <server name="+server-node-A+" group="my-core" auto-start="false">
            <jvm name="clear-default-config" debug-enabled="false">
                <heap size="512m" max-size="1024m"/>
                    <option value="-Djgroups.bind_addr="/>
            <socket-bindings socket-binding-group="ha-sockets" port-offset="0"/>

So I cant understand what am I missing here. Could anyone help here?

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