[forge-users] Unable to fully remove addon (forge 2.13.0)

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Fri Jan 23 10:02:18 EST 2015

While developing addon's it is important to constantly redeploying the addon without changing the version number for each deploy. Currently this is not possible without closing/opening eclipse between each redeploy. After a while I found the following:

When executing "addon-remove" in Eclipse Luna the specified addon gets removed in the installed.xml file in the user's .forge directory. 
The corresponding class-files in .forge directory however are still there and cannot be deleted under windows which is an indicator of an open file pointer. 

When stopping forge console the directory still cannot be deleted. One have to close eclipse in order to delete the directory. 

I assume that this is the cause of not being able to update the addon without exiting eclipse.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a UICommand, return getMetadata() with .name("Test1");
2. addon-build-and-install
3. test with <ctrl>-4, you should see the new command with name "Test1"
4. change getMetadata() to .name("Test2");
5. addon-build-and-install
6. test with <ctrl>-4

addon is gone :-)
installed.xml still contains the addon
class-file is updated

1. stop and restart forge
2. test with <ctrl>-4

still missing

1. stop and restart eclipse
2. test with <ctrl>-4

still missing

1. stop eclipse
2. remove subdirectory and modify installed.xml to remove the addon
3. start eclipse
4. addon-build-and-install
5. test with <ctrl>-4

addon is updated.

Annoying, isn't it?

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