[hibernate-dev] want to join hibernate development community

Chris Bredesen cbredesen at redhat.com
Tue Apr 14 09:30:51 EDT 2009

Some observations on this thread:

1. You do not need m2eclipse.  /trunk and /Branch_3_3 both use Maven 2 
and will build straight away with "mvn compile".

2. You can generate Eclipse or IDEA project files from the command line 
in the standard Maven way (mvn eclipse:eclipse or mvn idea:idea) and 
then import the projects.  I understand that IDEA reads Maven metadata 
natively but I cannot speak to that.

3. Only committers are allowed to ... commit.  This is what the 
svn.jboss.org server is for.  anonsvn.jboss.org is a replica with 
read-only privileges.  Use this for now.  You are free to open JIRA 
tickets and attach patch files which will be reviewed by Hibernate 
committers and possibly committed in a future release.

4. Yes, Hibernate is complicated.  It is not a trivial project to jump 
into head-first.  So please understand that there are many ways to 

   * Helping on the forums
   * Hanging around in IRC to participate/answer questions
   * Improving the wiki
   * Filing JIRA issues for bugs or attaching test cases that are required

Happy Hibernating,


joy deep wrote:
> Thanks soo much , I was by the side of the ocean no idea about depth .
> Are only JBoss people allowed to make changes !!!
> Thanks and Regards
> Joydeep Bhattacharjee
> --- On *Tue, 14/4/09, Elhanan Maayan /<elh.mailgate at gmail.com>/* wrote:
>     From: Elhanan Maayan <elh.mailgate at gmail.com>
>     Subject: Re: [hibernate-dev] want to join hibernate development
>     community
>     To: "joy deep" <bha_joy at yahoo.co.in>
>     Cc: "Peter Harrison" <peter.harrison at methodmaker.co.nz>,
>     hibernate-dev at lists.jboss.org
>     Date: Tuesday, 14 April, 2009, 6:38 PM
>     i've started a small blog http://osventure.wordpress.com/ about my
>     experiences with open source, documenting my attempts.
>     please note that you will need m2eclipse plugin to download the
>     code, as the svn repo is not in eclipse project.
>     you will then need to change your .settings.xml file for maven in
>     ~/m2 direcotry  for jboss plugins
>     also after you downloaded the code you will encounter huge amount of
>     compiler errors  you will need to the following:
>     1. run mvn install on the pom parent - to generate some antlr files
>     that were not generated during the initial load
>     2. change hibernate-core project compiler settings to :
>        generated .class file compatibility to 1.4, 
>        source compatibility : 1.4
>     3. on hibernate-common-annotations project change the compiler
>     error/warnings , turn the forbidden reference (access rules) to
>     warning instead of error.
>     good luck getting your feet, personally i feel somewhat drowning
>     when i'm trying to figure out this bug :
>     http://opensource.atlassian.com/projects/hibernate/browse/HHH-3856
>     personally i have no idea how anyone outside jboss can even begin to
>     start modify the code without some white papers or explanation on
>     the internal structure of hibernate.
>     On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 6:05 AM, joy deep <bha_joy at yahoo.co.in
>     </mc/compose?to=bha_joy at yahoo.co.in>> wrote:
>         Hi,
>             Is there any SVN repository from where I can download the
>         source codes, and set up my project in eclipse .Can you also
>         give the Bugzilla link for hibernate.I want to get my feet wet
>         with the code soon . Thanks for replying.
>         Thanks and Regards
>         Joydeep Bhattacharjee
>         --- On *Tue, 14/4/09, Peter Harrison
>         /<peter.harrison at methodmaker.co.nz
>         </mc/compose?to=peter.harrison at methodmaker.co.nz>>/* wrote:
>             From: Peter Harrison <peter.harrison at methodmaker.co.nz
>             </mc/compose?to=peter.harrison at methodmaker.co.nz>>
>             Subject: Re: [hibernate-dev] want to join hibernate
>             development community
>             To: bha_joy at yahoo.co.in </mc/compose?to=bha_joy at yahoo.co.in>
>             Date: Tuesday, 14 April, 2009, 5:02 AM
>             The ideal way to get involved is to download the source and
>             get familiar with it first - if you have not already. I am
>             here because I made some modifications to hibernate for my
>             own project and want to contribute back. The best way to
>             start is to look at existing bug reports, write a patch or
>             two and attach them to the ticket. Of course, I'm in a
>             similar boat as you, in that I'm not an active committer
>             right now. I'm personally looking at issues which affect me
>             - aka I don't want to be committing code for things that I
>             am not having practical use for.
>             2009/4/12 <bha_joy at yahoo.co.in
>             <http://mc/compose?to=bha_joy@yahoo.co.in>>
>                 Hi All,
>                       I am new to hibernate development community though
>                 I have been using the the product for some time now , I
>                 would like to be a part of this wonderful product how
>                 can I get on with it .
>                 Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.
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