[hibernate-dev] schedules for Hibernate Search?

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Fri Oct 23 15:13:54 EDT 2009

Summary, I would be happy with a beta release soon if we can work on  
updating the documentation.

On 21 oct. 09, at 20:12, Sanne Grinovero wrote:

> Hi Emmanuel,
> had a chat with Navin today, he was pinging me about HSEARCH-397. He
> is needing that for the Infinispan release.
> This issue was planned for Search 3.3 which is quite far away.. I've
> just changed that to 3.2.0 but even so are you thinking in releasing
> that before the end of this year (the Infinispan release timeframe) ?
> Maybe we could start planning a beta release and define which issues
> have priority?

I would like to release ASAP but we still need to finish:
  - the programmatic mapping API
  - the query DSL

I don't see HSEARCH-397 as critical

> I've seen there are 30 issues open, some are trivial and some are
> nearly done, like dynamic boosting is only missing documentation.
> I'd suggest postponing the hard stuff like
> HSEARCH-361  	 Only index an entity if an indexed property has changed
> HSEARCH-275  	 support new NIOFSDirectory, a multithreaded optimized  
> FSDirectory
> HSEARCH-364  	 Make Hibernate Search fully mockable

closed this one

> unless you have concrete ideas about how to implement them.

no they are not urgent

> Other comments:
> HSEARCH-246  Run optimize at the end of the transaction even if
> flushToIndexes() is used
> I don't need this one anymore as MassIndexer has it's own concept of
> queues. IMHO a Beta is needed so that somebody tries the MassIndexer
> BTW ;-)

reject it then.

> HSEARCH-392  	 JGroups based backend
> Is Łukasz willing to write a documentation patch?


> HSEARCH-370  	 Monitoring of batch indexer state and progress
> I'm in need of some directions on this one from someone having tried
> to use it; the prototype API was committed as part of HSEARCH-218

The beta release should help

> Mutual dependency: so Infinispan is needing a Search release, and
> Search an Infinispan release? It's about a submodule from the one
> depending on the core of the other, still we should release at least a
> beta to make a deployment possible, or have Infinispan release
> submodules later than core?

I don't think HSearch as any dep on Infinispan. There is just an  
Infinispan-hsearch module hosted on infinispan, right?

> Sanne

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