[hibernate-dev] taking timings

Juraci Paixao Krohling jcosta at redhat.com
Thu Jul 8 04:47:47 EDT 2010

On 07/07/2010 05:38 PM, Hardy Ferentschik wrote:
> byteman (know I know what you can do
> with it - always wondered)

A bit off topic, but it might be useful for people writing test cases: 
byteman can be used (among other things) to "inject" exceptions which 
may be difficult to reproduce otherwise. So, you can run a test case 
attaching the byteman javaagent with a specific rules file indicating 
that "at exit" of "method x()", it should throw a "HeisenbugException". 
Then you can check if your code is handling the situation correctly.

- Juca.

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