[hibernate-dev] [HSearch] Configuration properties

Hardy Ferentschik hibernate at ferentschik.de
Fri Jul 9 12:46:01 EDT 2010


just wondering whether there is a reason why we don't expose the  
configuration properties in SearchFactory?
I think we talked about this once, but I cannot remember exactly.

I noticed that the properties are now exposed in  
StateSearchFactoryImplementor anyways. Maybe
we could push this all the way down to SearchFactory?

I need would need access to the properties and several places to for  
example check for hibernate.search.generate_statistics or

While looking at the code I also started to wonder whether we need all  
these sub-interfaces for SearchFactory. Currently we have
SearchFactory -> SearchFactoryIntegrator -> SearchFactoryImplementor ->  
StateSearchFactoryImplementor -> Mutable-/Immutable-SearchFactory
Is this really all needed?


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