[hibernate-dev] HSEARCH 3.3 alpha / M1

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Thu Jul 22 04:17:45 EDT 2010

Hey guys,
The folks at Infinispan want us to cut a release of Hibernate Search.
We have a couple of choice:
 - say no but that's not really being team players ;)
 - cut an alpha release and not advertise it
 - cut a release and advertise it
 - cut a milestone 1 and advertise it

The code is stable (bug-wise): I'm not concerned about bugs very much but the release lacks a couple of things:
 - some of the SearchFactory API changes I have done are not dry yet and will possibly change
 - there is no documentation on the new stuffs (DSL, new (im)mutable API


I'm leaning towards the alpha release to get the code to the Infinispan team right away but we should do a beta release quite soon afterwards with HSEARCH-563 and HSEARCH-564 resolved.


PS: I should be the one documenting these changes but if anybody has time to take that off me, that would be cool as I am on the critical path here.

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