[hibernate-dev] lookup of Infinispan cachemanager for Search's own dirty reasons

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Tue Nov 16 12:25:40 EST 2010

I see that the Infinispan second level cache defines a nice property
"hibernate.cache.infinispan.cachemanager" to search an existing
CacheManager via JNDI.

Now in case of Hibernate Search's DirectoryProvider making use of
Infinispan, I suppose that people will want to lookup the same
which then would be used for both purposes, even if very likely the
configuration will contain different caches for each use case.

So from Hibernate Search's new module, shall I look for the same
property? The "cache" part in the name is unfortunate, still I would
like to define it just once.


1 - add a new property "hibernate.infinispan.jndiname", and have the
2LC look for this as fallback, I'll look for the same

2 - I suppose JBoss6 will bind it to JNDI by default, could we use
this name as default in Hibernate to bring configuration need to the
In that case I'd love to add some cache configurations for the dirty
purposes of Hibernate Search in the AS distribution, so that stuff
works with minimal configuration hazards.


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