[hibernate-dev] new schema in JIRA to handle pull requests

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Mon Dec 5 12:44:23 EST 2011

Hi all,
over the weekend I've added a custom field to all issues to store a
link to a pull request; this is in no way mandatory nor it affects any
work flow you might want to use, but hope you find it useful. It can't
support multiple links, so we should replace them if they are updated,
and backported issues with multiple pull requests don't fit in it.

In addition, but only applied to the Search project, I've added new
state and transitions for issues to move them into the state "pull
request sent".

An open issue has a button "Link to pull request" which will ask you
for the link, and change the issue state. I consider this useful when
evaluating the state of progress for a release. I've added a "reopen"
button as well to be used in those cases in which the pull request is
not satisfactory.

I think we could polish this even more; it seems possible for example
to link a commit hook to mark issues solved when a pull request is
merged, but I didn't go that far as I guess that requires some
discussion since it has some practical consequences.

Ideally I would love to hook into github's "send pull request" to move
into the "pull request sent" state and add the link automatically, but
from a reading of their docs it doesn't look like possible. Am I

Let me know if you want it reverted, or have suggestions.


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