[hibernate-dev] Hibernate Search 3.4 release train

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Wed Feb 16 08:46:52 EST 2011

We have targeted v 3.4 for end of march.
What do you think of doing an Alpha1 within the next two weeks?

For reference, the list of todo we had for 3.4 is:
 - Use 2LC for object load (emmanuel, done)
 - Tx and JMS (sanne)
 - Faceting (hardy)
 - Benchmark (sanne, not sure what the detail was)
 - FieldCache usage (sanne)
 - Abstract from Core (emmanuel)

We also already have a few bug fixes and a few non planned new features:
 - multi-threads used in text analysis for MassIndexer
 - Infinispan 4.2.1 (CR1)
 - index on indexed entity change
 - MassIndexer monitoring

Which feature do you think can go into Alpha1?


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