[hibernate-dev] Hibernate Search 3.4 release train

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Wed Feb 16 10:19:15 EST 2011

from my part I'd give priority to fieldcache and massindexer features.
The benchmark was blocked by Infinispan issues, all solved yesterday.
So now I'd like to shape the FieldCache feature:
 * Implicitly using it on classname and id
 * looking how it could be convenient to enable wider usage on demand

Having the benchmark I can now verify possible improvements on the
wikipedia index on all supported directories, and at same time proof
usefullness of massinder new fetures.

as goal for Alpha1 I'd set at least
1) implicit usage of FieldCache (HSEARCH-531)
2) HSEARCH-499 Pass a "filter" query to MassIndexing: index changed
entity based on timestamp

I hope it's fine if for now the benchmark project continues to live
outside Search, the setup scripts need ANT and won't be easy to port
into Search.


2011/2/16 Emmanuel Bernard <emmanuel at hibernate.org>:
> Hi,
> We have targeted v 3.4 for end of march.
> What do you think of doing an Alpha1 within the next two weeks?
> For reference, the list of todo we had for 3.4 is:
>  - Use 2LC for object load (emmanuel, done)
>  - Tx and JMS (sanne)
>  - Faceting (hardy)
>  - Benchmark (sanne, not sure what the detail was)
>  - FieldCache usage (sanne)
>  - Abstract from Core (emmanuel)
> We also already have a few bug fixes and a few non planned new features:
>  - multi-threads used in text analysis for MassIndexer
>  - Infinispan 4.2.1 (CR1)
>  - index on indexed entity change
>  - MassIndexer monitoring
> Which feature do you think can go into Alpha1?
> Emmanuel

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