[hibernate-dev] [hsearch] documentation

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Tue Oct 11 11:13:54 EDT 2011

I generally agree with the direction described by Hardy.
Some comments inline

>> * the index manager gives access to directory and reader provider as well
>> as the backend to be used
> This is a tricky point. Generally this is correct, especially for the
> default IndexManager, but alternative implementations don't have to
> use a backend, or at least not one as defined by
> BackendQueueProcessor:  we don't expose this interface so if someone
> wants to implement an IndexManager using a different approach, they
> can. And we will be providing some in 4.1+.

We can call them Directory based IndexManagers which is the only family we have at the moment. As Sanne pointed out, other families will come in 4.2 or above.

>> * when using properties of the form org.hibernate.search.<index-name>.xyz
>> you are effectively configuring the
>>   IndexManager for the specified index
> +1
>> * properties of the form org.hibernate.search.xyz are default values which
>> apply for any index manager if
>>   not overridden explicitly
> warning it's actually
> "hibernate.search.default."
> a- no "org." in the front
> b- it must end with ".default" to be picked up by other IndexManagers
> on a) : shall we relax this and allow "org." prefix too? This bytes
> myself periodically

I am against it. All the doc is consistent, I don't want two options to do one thing if they are strictly equivalent.

> on b) : I really think this ".default" business got out of hand; it
> made sense in initial days as there wasn't much to configure, but
> nowaday? Is it still self-speaking that "default" relates to the
> IndexManager / indexes ?

Can you be specific? default is a great way to apply the same behavior for all of your indexes. Unless I've lost a train, using the same type of backend with the same settings is likely to be the most probable choice for a lot of deployments.

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