[hibernate-dev] [hsearch] documentation

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Tue Oct 11 11:20:23 EDT 2011

On 11 oct. 2011, at 16:43, Hardy Ferentschik wrote:

>> on b) : I really think this ".default" business got out of hand; it
>> made sense in initial days as there wasn't much to configure, but
>> nowaday? Is it still self-speaking that "default" relates to the
>> IndexManager / indexes
> No it is not and I am not so happy about the 'default' value either.
> As you say, it gets too confusing. Question is what to about it?
> Deprecating the default values? Or even removing them.

The alternative is to force people to set the same settings over and over for every single index.

  <property name="hibernate.search.Animal.indexBase" value="/var/lucene/ndexes"/>
  <property name="hibernate.search.Book.indexBase" value="/var/lucene/ndexes"/>
  <property name="hibernate.search.Plant.indexBase" value="/var/lucene/ndexes"/>
  <property name="hibernate.search.Car.indexBase" value="/var/lucene/ndexes"/>
  <property name="hibernate.search.Order.indexBase" value="/var/lucene/ndexes"/>
  <property name="hibernate.search.Address.indexBase" value="/var/lucene/ndexes"/>
  <property name="hibernate.search.Part.indexBase" value="/var/lucene/ndexes"/>
  <property name="hibernate.search.Producer.indexBase" value="/var/lucene/ndexes"/>
  <property name="hibernate.search.Kingdom.indexBase" value="/var/lucene/ndexes"/>
  <property name="hibernate.search.Country.indexBase" value="/var/lucene/ndexes"/>
  .... 300 times more

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