[hibernate-dev] Experiments with hibernate-ogm on Riak, Redis and Voldemort

skawashima at uchicago.edu skawashima at uchicago.edu
Fri Feb 10 12:53:39 EST 2012

I apologize that I've just sent an empty email by accident.

I've been experimenting hibernate-ogm for several weeks using three NoSQL key-value databases such as Riak,Redis and Voldemort and got something that might be helpful to start extending hibernate-ogm. The implementation is at https://github.com/seiyak/Sample-implementation-of-hibernate-ogm.

Based on the supplied tests, the CRUD operations on them look ok. However I need to take a closer look at my implementation and hibernate-ogm itself. Next thing that I need to do is implement query part.

Once again, this is an experimenting sample implementation, so there might be something incorrect. Once it appears, I'll fix it shortly.

Thank you

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