[hibernate-dev] Experiments with hibernate-ogm on Riak, Redis and Voldemort

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Fri Feb 10 14:34:11 EST 2012

Hi Seiya,

Excellent news! Things are moving as well for other datastores so that's a nice complement.

The GitHub repo is a bit hard to read esp when we try and see what you have changed on existing classes compared to the raw Hibernate OGM code. Do you think you can try and do the following:

- fork https://github.com/hibernate/hibernate-ogm and apply your work on top of it instead of the new fresh repo +  raw file import you did in your initial commit
that will be much better later on to embed your work
- create a dedicated maven module for each of the engines you want to support. You can take the example of / copy hibernate-ogm-infinispan or hibernate-ogm-ehcache. That's exactly how this will be done in the end, one module per engine.
- if possible try use our style strategy, that helps if you change a file, we will be able to better see what line you've changed.
- it seems you had trouble with our logger and fell back to Log4J

If you want any help with our logger, maven, git or github, don't hesitate to ask us either here or on IRC on freenode in the #hibernate-dev room. We will likely be here during your mornings as most of us are in Europe.

Many thanks for this work!


On 10 févr. 2012, at 18:53, <skawashima at uchicago.edu> <skawashima at uchicago.edu> wrote:

> I apologize that I've just sent an empty email by accident.
> I've been experimenting hibernate-ogm for several weeks using three NoSQL key-value databases such as Riak,Redis and Voldemort and got something that might be helpful to start extending hibernate-ogm. The implementation is at https://github.com/seiyak/Sample-implementation-of-hibernate-ogm.
> Based on the supplied tests, the CRUD operations on them look ok. However I need to take a closer look at my implementation and hibernate-ogm itself. Next thing that I need to do is implement query part.
> Once again, this is an experimenting sample implementation, so there might be something incorrect. Once it appears, I'll fix it shortly.
> Thank you
> Seiya 
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