[hibernate-dev] Temporary session and commit issue with manual flush mode

Adam Warski adam at warski.org
Tue Feb 14 05:41:20 EST 2012

> Probably openTemporarySession() should be deprecated.  Notice it also 
> says it is for HEM use, though the only current uses I see of it all 
> come from envers.

Right, I was never happy using it, but I don't think there were other options at that time. Or I just couldn't find them.

>  Pretty sure I asked Adam and the rest of the list about this 
> transactionContext() method back when I first added it.  I never heard 
> any response.  So if you go that transactionContext() route you may run 
> into issues because I am pretty sure transactionContext() is sharing too 
> much.

I must have missed that somehow, sorry.

Adam Warski


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