[hibernate-dev] Voldemort maven module for Hibernate OGM

skawashima at uchicago.edu skawashima at uchicago.edu
Fri Feb 24 17:01:57 EST 2012


I wrote sample implementations for Voldemort,Redis and Riak on Hibernate OGM a couple of weeks ago. Based on them, I created a Voldemort maven module and put it on my github repository at https://github.com/seiyak/hibernate-ogm. The project was forked from the original one and the modifications were applied on it following Emmanuel's advice on the previous mailing list. I put README.md in hibernate-ogm-voldemort directory, so please read it before typing 'mvn clean install'. Voldemort needs to be installed manually into the local maven repository as of the version 0.90.1.

According to the supplied tests, it looks fine. However, I need advice and suggestions to make it better,cleaner and right if there is something incorrect. I'll ask several questions that I got during the programming later.

Please let me know what you think of the code. If it's worth of a part of Hibernate OGM, I would like to contribute it.

Thank you

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