[hibernate-dev] [HSEARCH] Worker Configuration

Andrej Golovnin golovnin at gmx.net
Tue May 8 17:12:57 EDT 2012

Hi Hardy,

> I am not quite sure which message we are talking about concretely, but I just wanted to say that you 
> can configure the log level for each single class. You don't have to provide a custom implementation
> just because you don't like the logging in the default implementation. 

I know that I can configure the log level for each single class. But at the time we started to use
Hibernate Search it was not clear that configuration properties can be set
via System properties. So logging was not the main motivation. :-)
And we are talking about Log#indexDirectoryNotFoundCreatingNewOne().

BTW can you or Sanne or someone else please take look at the class AvroSerializationProvider, line 73.
Is it really needed to log for every instance of AvroSerializationProvider the same
information? I have started today for the first time the application server with the
new Hibernate Search and our application and I have seen this message more
than 100 times in the log file. I doubt it should be logged in the constructor.
IMHO a static initialization block would be a better place.

Best regards,
Andrej Golovnin

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