[hibernate-dev] [HV] Implementing method validation (was "HV-562")

Gunnar Morling gunnar at hibernate.org
Wed May 9 18:20:40 EDT 2012

Hi Hardy,

nice post on the release, this should get started everyone with 4.3.
And we can finally focus on HV 5 :)

>> I'm looking forward to implementing the new API, this should be
>> fun :) I feel that it should be possible to split the work into
>> independent chunks which we can tackle in parallel.
> That sounds good. In a first cut we might be able to just try to compile the latest BV SNAPSHOT and introduce the missing
> methods by introducing placeholders. Once the existing build passes again we can already push a SNAPSHOT and start
> filling in the gaps.

I've created a branch for method validation [1], bumped the dependency
to the BV API to 1.1.Alpha1 and applied the minimal changes required
to get rid of any compilation errors (added
UnsupportedOperationExceptions within the new methods). I've also
added "TODO HV-571" markers everywhere, so we can't forget everything

Regarding the actual implementation, I think there are two large
blocks, which might be addressed in parallel: a) implementing the new
validation methods and b) implementing the extensions to the meta data
API (plus some other things such as changes to ConfigurationImpl

If we decide to work on this in parallel, we might push the HV-571
feature branch to the upstream repo, integrate the method validation
work there and push it later on in one go to master.

WDYT, would that make sense?


[1] https://github.com/gunnarmorling/hibernate-validator/compare/HV-571

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