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Adrian Nistor anistor at redhat.com
Mon Sep 9 10:39:24 EDT 2013

forwarding this to the list too (hoping this time is not rejected by 
mail server)

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Subject: 	Re: [hibernate-dev] Required improvements for Infinispan's 
query engine
Date: 	Mon, 09 Sep 2013 17:06:14 +0300
From: 	Adrian Nistor <anistor at redhat.com>
To: 	Gunnar Morling <gunnar at hibernate.org>
CC: 	Hibernate Dev <hibernate-dev at lists.jboss.org>, Emmanuel Bernard 
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Hi Gunnar,

I currently use a single generic indexed entity which represents the 
multitude of protobuf defined domain types. This approach is not 
necessarily ideal but was forced to adopt it because of the way hsearch 
currently works. Other projects do the same (ModeShape is one such example).

Having an SPI so I can provide my own field bridges seems like a good 
idea that would solve my current needs.


On 09/08/2013 02:33 PM, Gunnar Morling wrote:
> Hi Adrian,
> We have been contemplating some ideas around your requirements. Are 
> you working with several "types" (as defined by ProtoBuf files) or 
> only one such type per one of your caches (and thus afaics SearchFactory)?
> In case of the latter, one idea would be that you always target your 
> generic entity type with your queries and we provide an SPI which 
> allows you to configure the field bridges to be applied for the 
> individual fields of a given entity (here always the generic entity 
> type), e.g.  FieldBridge getFieldBridge(Class<?> type, String 
> fieldName). We could then query this SPI from within the HSEARCH-based 
> parser backend to apply the right field bridges for a given query. You 
> would create any FieldBridge instances yourself and thus could inject 
> whatever data you need into them.
> Would this address the needs of Infinispan?
> If you need to work with several ProtoBuf types per SearchFactory, 
> we'd have to do some more changes within HSEARCH, as the metadata 
> essentially is keyed by class type atm. and we'd have to change that 
> to key by a more type representation.
> Thanks,
> --Gunnar
> 2013/8/31 Emmanuel Bernard <emmanuel at hibernate.org 
> <mailto:emmanuel at hibernate.org>>
>     Adrian found a few problematic limitations in Hibernate Search during
>     its integration of the HQL query parser and the Hibernate Search back
>     end.
>     Composite bridge::
>     https://hibernate.atlassian.net/browse/HSEARCH-1397
>     Injection of services into a FieldBridge::
>     https://hibernate.atlassian.net/browse/HSEARCH-1396
>     These two are important for Infinispan 6 and should be give priority.
>     I think they can be added in 4.4 without too much effort.
>     Thoughts?
>     Otherwise, support for mapping non Java object structures is something
>     we should do in Hibernate Search. For 5?
>     Is there a JIRA for it?
>     Emmanuel
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