[hibernate-dev] Native-SQL queries and flushing

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Tue Sep 10 01:05:35 EDT 2013

We will need to make a slight change to execution of native SQL queries 
in order to pass the JPA 2.1 TCK.  The new TCK tests that execution of a 
native SQL query does an "auto flush".

The problem with this is that, unlike with HQL/JPQL, we do not know the 
tables affected by a native SQL query (and doing so would be extremely 
difficult and not worth the effort).  Historically, Hibernate users 
would have relied on the 
addSynchronizedQuerySpace/addSynchronizedEntityName methods of 
org.hibernate.SQLQuery to indicate the tables needing flushed.  JPA 
however has no such notion.

As I see it, I think the change here needs to be to implicitly perform a 
*full flush* when a JPA native SQL query is executed where the 
wrapped/underlying org.hibernate.SQLQuery does not define any "query 
spaces"; a partial flush just is not possible in that case. That allows 
us to pass the TCK, but still allows users to set "query spaces" if they 
wish to do the more efficient partial auto-flush.

Any alternate suggestions?

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