[hibernate-dev] [OGM] Sprint organization

Hardy Ferentschik hardy at hibernate.org
Wed Feb 25 05:30:43 EST 2015

> > Wouldn't it make sense to have these backendtck tests defined in a
> > dedicated
> > module? When you mentioned it, I was literally searching for the tests you
> > were
> > referring to.
> >
> Sorry, I guess I should have given you the package name.
> I kind of like the fact that one can execute the tests in core right away,
> i.e. without any copying, or custom runner etc. Would there be any strong
> advantage to having them in a separate module? If not I'd prefer to keep
> the number of modules low.

More transparency. If the module existed I could already just by name infer 
what it is about. This might also be helpful for potential dialect contributors 
who look for high level tests. 

It is also in the spirit of one module one artifact. Unless I actually check the 
POM and find the second execution of the jar plugin, I don't know that two artifacts
are generated. 

A dedicated module means less surprises and less understanding needed to see how 
things get together.

Also, having a dedicated module allows for adding an additional README which for
example described the purpose of these tests, how they are executed and that they
are used by each dialect.  


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