[hibernate-dev] Slot name for modules of Hibernate OGM

Scott Marlow smarlow at redhat.com
Fri Jan 9 10:35:00 EST 2015

Not a big deal to change the WildFly default which is in code, since we 
don't have a suitable configuration file for the setting.

We should update 
which currently is set to "org.hibernate:ogm".  WildFly 8.x is already 
final, so WildFly 9.0 would be the place to make this minor change.

On 01/08/2015 05:21 PM, Sanne Grinovero wrote:
> I just noticed that the main module for Hibernate OGM has slot="ogm",
> while the various dialect extension modules use the "main" slot.
> My understanding is that "main" should be reserved for the version
> included in a specific application server version, so we'd better
> avoid it to make it possible to eventually include OGM in WildFly and
> still be able to differentiate versions.
> The "ogm" slot also doesn't make it possible to use multiple versions,
> which is ok now that there's a single release but won't be
> sustainable.
> Could we use the same label for all modules in a specific release, and
> encode version in it too?
> I propose using "ogm-{Major.Minor.Micro}".

I hate seeing the micro version, but if that can be ignored by users, as 
you suggest, by using the "ogm-{Major.Minor}" instead, not a big deal to 
me.  The hate comes from my past experience with dynamic link modules 
that changed module names like the wind (some database companies did 
this in the past).

Having said that, do what you want but it could be a pita for other 
static modules that need to depend on OGM.

> Using the ".Micro" postfix might seem overzealous as micro versions
> are supposed to be drop-in compatible but I'd rather be safe and be
> able to be explicit; we could in addition provide an alias like we do
> with Hibernate Search and Infinispan; this seems to be working quite
> well so far.
> Such an alias deploys a module which defines for say "ogm-4.1" should
> look for "ogm-4.1.1": then applications can generally refer to
> "ogm-4.1" and let the alias resolve it, or be more explicit if they
> like so.

The alias is static, so nothing is looked for.  I don't think anyone 
thinks otherwise but wanted to be clear, that no search is performed. 
By no search, I mean we do not look for a set of possible "ogm-4.1.*" 
matches, instead the "ogm-4.1" alias is hard coded to reference a 
specific "ogm-4.1.minor".

> Sanne
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