[hibernate-dev] GSOC ideas

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Fri Jan 9 13:57:27 EST 2015

Do we have any suggestion for Google Summer of Code ideas?
We might be able to get sponsored (paid) students; as usual it's hard
to find tasks at the right level of difficulty.

For example, I'd love to get some help in the Solr/ElasticSearch
integration area but it would need to be a very good student for that.

My ideas so far:
 # Migration of our new JPQL parser to latest ANTLR version (as an experiment)
 # JBoss Forge integration for Hibernate Search
 # CDI extensions
 # New Faceting engine
 # Automated performance regressions tests (develop benchmarks & setup
 # Taking advantage of efficient loading profiles (the JPA 2.1
feature): auto-generate the ones Search needs

We also need volunteers to mentor students in this area;
I'm happy to take one, but can't survive taking more :)


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