[hibernate-dev] To identify the version of Hibernate ORM at runtime

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Mon Mar 2 08:40:26 EST 2015

it looks like people get easily confused by which version of ORM is
compatible with - for example - Hibernate Search.

The expected versions are documented plenty, in readme, project
sources, documentation and we even remind about the expectations
frequently in blog posts.

Wondering if it would be more effective to have some marker in ORM, to
validate at least for most critical known incompatibilities at

I realize there is no 100% foolproof in any possible solution, but
providing a nice error message to 90% of these cases could be helpful
to a large population already, and doesn't seem too complex for us to

I guess it could be simple enough to use the existing org.hibernate.Version ?
Or we could improve on those methods, if not actually adding some easy
to consume resource in the orm jars.



 - https://hibernate.atlassian.net/browse/HSEARCH-1816
 - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28736785/org-hibernate-impl-sessionimpl-cannot-be-cast-to-org-hibernate-engine-spi-sessio/28810837#28810837

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