[hibernate-dev] People need an Hibernate Search release to match ORM 5.2

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Thu Aug 11 09:11:50 EDT 2016

Hi all,
as you might be aware, ORM 5.2 made some rather radical internal work,
and the latest Hibernate Search releases aren't compatible.

So far, business as usual: we typically simply catch up on the next minor.

The problem is that normally Hibernate Search releases are time-boxed
- with us only merging new features when they are ready - so that we
can trigger a release as needed, as contingency required.

However currently we switched temporarily to a less desirable "we ship
when it's ready" as the Elasticsearch integration couldn't possibly be
developed by a single person in a feature branch, so in short we're
not in a position to "just release" it, as it's not ready and this
will take another month (optimistically). This would position
Hibernate Search 5.6 in September.

We'd also want to have WildFly users have a chance to use this new
Elasticsearch feature, which ties us to make this release compatible
with ORM 5.0 and 5.1.

So Hibernate ORM 5.2 users who need Hibernate Search will need to wait
for Search version 5.7, which in timelines would mean this fall.. way
too far ahead.

(I tried to figure out a way to make Search master compatible with
both, but that's just not possible: it's either/or, barring an
outrageous amount of work which I'd rather spend in finishing 5.6 and
move on do do the migration properly..)

On HSEARCH-2296 [1] James proposed we could already publish a 5.7 SNAPSHOT.

Assuming we can set the right expectations, what would you think of
this idea to branch a 5.7 already even though 5.6 isn't done?
We could even call it Alpha1 and tag appropriately. The goal is of
course to make sure people have at least something they can test with
and make progress while we put our stuff together.

The downside is of course that all remaining work on 5.6 will have to
be regularly rebased and applied to 5.7 too. Considering we won't do
any other changes on 5.7 I don't expect this to hurt too much.


1 - https://hibernate.atlassian.net/browse/HSEARCH-2296

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