[hibernate-dev] [OGM] Doing a 5.0.1 release?

Gunnar Morling gunnar at hibernate.org
Fri Jun 24 04:14:13 EDT 2016


I noticed there is a 5.0.1 version in JIRA for OGM, and a handful of issues
are assigned to it. Do we still plan to do such 5.0.1, or is everyone
focused on the first preview for 5.1 right now?

There is one interesting issue in 5.0.1 which alone I'd find worth
releasing: OGM-828 ("Need to list entities when using Hibernate OGM on
WildFly"). We also might consider to backport some of the recent bugfixes
and create a branch for 5.0 off master, prior to the first work meant for
5.1 (Neo4j Remote etc.).

I'd like that, not the least to have another release soon-ish (say next
week?), preventing another long phase without news from OGM. Thoughts?



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