[hibernate-dev] OGM - Let's remove Fongo support

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Thu Apr 27 11:46:54 EDT 2017

+1 as I proposed the same thing a long time ago: if it's not the real
thing we might as well mock all requests.

On 27 April 2017 at 16:40, Guillaume Smet <guillaume.smet at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> So, in OGM, for MongoDB, we also support running the tests with Fongo which
> is an in-memory Java (more or less accurate) MongoDB implementation.
> It has a cost as Fongo behaves differently and we have to disable
> tests/implement different tests without any real benefits IMHO:
> - it's easy to run MongoDB embedded for testing: this is what we use by
> default
> - we leave in a Docker world so people might also spawn a containerized
> MongoDB instance for testing
> When moving to the new MongoDB API, we have a couple more
> differences/things not working with Fongo and I really don't see the point
> of maintaining this. It adds an unnecessary burden to changes made to the
> MongoDB datastore.
> If no one speaks against it, I'll remove it soon.
> --
> Guillaume
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