[hibernate-dev] Infinispan modules contains hibernate-search-orm

Guillaume Smet guillaume.smet at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 06:39:22 EST 2017


I'm trying to upgrade OGM 5.2 to WildFly 11 so that we don't release
modules for an outdated version of WildFly when we'll push this release (I
already did the upgrade in my ORM 5.2 support branch so it's mostly
backporting and tracking issues).

I have an issue with the Infinispan modules (and I don't understand why we
didn't have the issue earlier but it's another subject).

They contain an hibernate-search-orm module pointing to an
org.hibernate:5.2 module, which means that we would need to deploy an ORM
5.2 in WildFly whereas I don't think it's necessary.

Is there a use case for having hibernate-search-orm in Infinispan? It's not
referenced in other modules of the Infinispan modules zip (
and the slot is very specific so I wouldn't expect people to deploy it and
use it outside of Infinispan.

I would vote for not distributing this module with the Infinispan modules
if it's not too much work.


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