[hibernate-dev] hibernate.org ORM release series page

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Thu Feb 1 20:26:02 EST 2018

Now that I've moved ORM publishing to Bintray some of the layout of
hibernate.org in regards to releases is not-so-nice.  Most of this comes
into play in the `project-releases-series.html.haml` file use as the layout
for these "series" pages.


   1. Some of the text injected is just wrong.  "Maven artifacts of
   Hibernate ORM are published to Maven Central and to the JBoss Maven
   Repository. Refer to the Maven Getting Started guide on the Jboss Wiki for
   more information on how to configure Maven."  Most of that is now
   2. One of the niceties of moving to Bintray is having a singular URL to
   refer to the artifacts included in the release.  E.g.
   https://bintray.com/hibernate/artifacts/hibernate-orm/5.3.0.Beta2.  The
   layout here though is set up to list out each artifact individually.

I'd like to change this for ORM 5.3 moving forward such that the "Maven,
Gradle..." section simply points to the Bintray URL, as well as changing
that text to be ore accurate.  Is this going to be as simple as adding a
new layout (`project-releases-series-bintray.html.haml`?) and using that as
the layout for http://hibernate.org/orm/releases/5.3/ ?

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