[hibernate-dev] ORM 5.4.0 release schedule

Guillaume Smet guillaume.smet at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 14:48:23 EST 2018


We discussed the 5.4.0 release schedule with Gail and decided on the

- Tomorrow Wednesday 6PM CET (e.g. Paris time): master is frozen, please
don't commit anything to master after this time. And please don't commit
anything without proper review.
- Tomorrow her time, Gail will run the TCK and the API checks - hopefully
it won't go too bad
- I'll release CR1 Thursday afternoon my time

Please don't commit anything to master after Wednesday 6PM CET (obviously
unless it fixes TCK tests or API issues).

Note that CR meaning candidate release, the idea is to not push anything
else until Final, except if we have reports from the fields.

I don't think it's worth creating a branch as we will have to backport
everything anyway so please refrain from merging anything until Final, once
CR1 is released.

Thanks everyone.


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