[infinispan-dev] Invoking distributed exec and mapreduce over hotrod

Vladimir Blagojevic vblagoje at redhat.com
Wed May 4 04:50:25 EDT 2011


I believe the ability to invoke distributed executors and mapreduce over 
hotrod would be very interesting. However, I quickly realized that 
internals of both DistributedExecutorService and MapReduceTask rely 
heavily on some Cache internals (RpcManager, CommandsFactory, 
InterceptoChain) that are only available in non-remote caches. There is 
no way to fake this by simply passing RemoteCache instead of Cache. 
Either we rethink the internals of DistributedExecutorService and 
MapReduceTask or we somehow bridge to these abstractions from a thin 

Any thoughts how we could potentially achieve hotrodization of dist. exec?


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