[infinispan-dev] More commits, or squashing?

Sanne Grinovero sanne at infinispan.org
Wed Jun 11 12:02:03 EDT 2014

A discussion which could interest more of you:

There is no golden rule, but I believe it's highly desirable to give
the sequence a logical flow which makes sense.
In this specific situation, it also helped myself as I've been making
slow progress fragmented over some months on it.

For example, this single commit is a single sed script, whose source
is included in the commit:

Guess what I need to do when rebasing?

Also if you keep the flow "logical" and separate file rename/move from
changes, git will help you massively on resolving conflicts on any
change made concurrently on the same files. For example the WildFly 81
PR would have been much less painful, and I think would have been
integrated way earlier as it wouldn't look as scary..

Finally, I want to win the commits competitions of course ;-)


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