[infinispan-dev] Issue with JGroups config files in ispn-core

Martin Gencur mgencur at redhat.com
Thu Jun 12 08:30:34 EDT 2014

let me mention an issue that several people faced in the past, 
independently of each other:

A user app uses a custom JGroups configuration file. However, they 
choose the same name as the files which we bundle inside 
Result? People are wondering why their custom configuration does not 
take effect.
Reason? Infinispan uses the default jgroups file bundled in infinispan-core
Who faced the issue? (I suppose it's just a small subset:)) Me, Radim, 
Alan, Wolf Fink

I believe a lot of users run into this issue.

We were considering a possible solution and this one seems like it could 
work (use both 1) and 2)):
1) rename the config files in the distribution e.g. this way:
jgroups-ec2.xml -> default-jgroups-ec2.xml
jgroups-udp.xml -> default-jgroups-udp.xml
jgroups-tcp.xml -> default-jgroups-tcp.xml

Any other suggestions? internal-jgroups-udp.xml ? 
? (joke)
(simply something that users would automatically like to change once 
they use it in their app)

2) Throw a warning whenever a user wants to use a custom jgroups 
configuration file that has the same name as one of the above



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