[infinispan-dev] Issue with JGroups config files in ispn-core

Tristan Tarrant ttarrant at redhat.com
Thu Jun 12 08:37:22 EDT 2014

I think the "internal" jgroups files should be "moved" to a separate 
directory within the core jar, to be searched after the "root". So the 
user can still provide a jgroups-udp.xml and it won't conflict.


On 12/06/14 14:30, Martin Gencur wrote:
> Hi,
> let me mention an issue that several people faced in the past,
> independently of each other:
> A user app uses a custom JGroups configuration file. However, they
> choose the same name as the files which we bundle inside
> infinispan-core.jar.
> Result? People are wondering why their custom configuration does not
> take effect.
> Reason? Infinispan uses the default jgroups file bundled in infinispan-core
> Who faced the issue? (I suppose it's just a small subset:)) Me, Radim,
> Alan, Wolf Fink
> I believe a lot of users run into this issue.
> We were considering a possible solution and this one seems like it could
> work (use both 1) and 2)):
> 1) rename the config files in the distribution e.g. this way:
> jgroups-ec2.xml -> default-jgroups-ec2.xml
> jgroups-udp.xml -> default-jgroups-udp.xml
> jgroups-tcp.xml -> default-jgroups-tcp.xml
> Any other suggestions? internal-jgroups-udp.xml ?
> dontEverUseThisFileInYourAppAsTheCustomConfigurationFile-jgroups-udp.xml
> ? (joke)
> (simply something that users would automatically like to change once
> they use it in their app)
> 2) Throw a warning whenever a user wants to use a custom jgroups
> configuration file that has the same name as one of the above
> Thanks!
> Martin
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