[infinispan-dev] CD datastore inserts slow

Ales Justin ales.justin at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 08:29:09 EDT 2014

> To compare, I reconfigured it to use local-only NTR backends (not
> suited for clustering) and so doing I found another problem: all of
> your caches are sharing the same index!
> By reconfiguring each cache to use and independent path to isolate the
> indexes, the benchmark completes in 20 seconds, and these remaining 20
> seconds are all spent in CapeDwarf code, with some more object
> allocations from Infinispan core.

How do you configure this index isolation?
(how exactly does this look in standalone.xml?)

> So in short, even perfectly tuning indexing away, you can' t get
> faster than 20 seconds without making some more changes in CD and
> Infinispan Core as well.. would that be an acceptable goal?

20sec vs 320sec definitely sounds better. ;-)

What kind of changes would one have to make in CD?

> Also, question: do you really need both clustering and the persistent
> CacheStore for the TCK tests? disabling these aspects would massively
> speedup the whole thing.

You mean we could do w/o cache store in tests?
Sure, but we want to be as close as possible to real usage scenario.


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