[infinispan-dev] CD datastore inserts slow

Sanne Grinovero sanne at infinispan.org
Thu Jun 19 09:12:27 EDT 2014

On 19 June 2014 13:29, Ales Justin <ales.justin at gmail.com> wrote:
>> To compare, I reconfigured it to use local-only NTR backends (not
>> suited for clustering) and so doing I found another problem: all of
>> your caches are sharing the same index!
>> By reconfiguring each cache to use and independent path to isolate the
>> indexes, the benchmark completes in 20 seconds, and these remaining 20
>> seconds are all spent in CapeDwarf code, with some more object
>> allocations from Infinispan core.
> How do you configure this index isolation?
> (how exactly does this look in standalone.xml?)

I did it locally, can send you a pull request.

But to clarify: this would disable clustering! Do you really want
that? the first option is safer, I'd just change the IndexManager.

I can send you a pull request for both variations of the
configuration, just let me know which file it is I have to patch: I
tried to look into the repository for capedwarf-jboss-as, but the
configuration file in there seems quite different than the one in
CapeDwarf blue distribution. So I'm not sure if I'm looking in the
right place, or maybe the wrong branch?

>> So in short, even perfectly tuning indexing away, you can' t get
>> faster than 20 seconds without making some more changes in CD and
>> Infinispan Core as well.. would that be an acceptable goal?
> 20sec vs 320sec definitely sounds better. ;-)
> What kind of changes would one have to make in CD?

General optimisation, the usual stuff: profile it, rinse and repeat. I
didn't look at details but I remember a priority would be to optimise
some HashMap lookups for internal services and components.

>> Also, question: do you really need both clustering and the persistent
>> CacheStore for the TCK tests? disabling these aspects would massively
>> speedup the whole thing.
> Wdym?
> You mean we could do w/o cache store in tests?
> Sure, but we want to be as close as possible to real usage scenario.

It's probably better to try tuning the CacheStore then, but you'll
always be quite slow as CacheStore(s) significantly slow down
You should also ask yourself if the CacheStore is really needed.


> -Ales

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