[infinispan-dev] CD datastore inserts slow

Ales Justin ales.justin at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 09:44:53 EDT 2014

>>> To compare, I reconfigured it to use local-only NTR backends (not
>>> suited for clustering) and so doing I found another problem: all of
>>> your caches are sharing the same index!
>>> By reconfiguring each cache to use and independent path to isolate the
>>> indexes, the benchmark completes in 20 seconds, and these remaining 20
>>> seconds are all spent in CapeDwarf code, with some more object
>>> allocations from Infinispan core.
>> How do you configure this index isolation?
>> (how exactly does this look in standalone.xml?)
> I did it locally, can send you a pull request.

Please do.

> But to clarify: this would disable clustering!

Why or how would this disable clustering?

> Do you really want
> that?

Probably not. :-)

> the first option is safer, I'd just change the IndexManager.

Which IndexManager do we use now?

> I can send you a pull request for both variations of the
> configuration, just let me know which file it is I have to patch: I
> tried to look into the repository for capedwarf-jboss-as, but the
> configuration file in there seems quite different than the one in
> CapeDwarf blue distribution.

Hmmm, they should be the same, or what's the diff?
* https://github.com/capedwarf/capedwarf-testsuite/blob/master/integrate-cd/src/main/resources/standalone/configuration/standalone-capedwarf-modules.xml
* https://github.com/capedwarf/capedwarf-jboss-as/blob/master/build/src/main/resources/standalone/configuration/standalone-capedwarf-modules.xml

> So I'm not sure if I'm looking in the
> right place, or maybe the wrong branch?

The distribution / release is done via Testsuite:
* https://github.com/capedwarf/capedwarf-testsuite
(see -Prelease profile)

> General optimisation, the usual stuff: profile it, rinse and repeat. I
> didn't look at details but I remember a priority would be to optimise
> some HashMap lookups for internal services and components.

Do you perhaps still have some profile data on which look-ups are this?

> It's probably better to try tuning the CacheStore then, but you'll
> always be quite slow as CacheStore(s) significantly slow down
> Infinispan.
> You should also ask yourself if the CacheStore is really needed.

Well, I'd leave this up to the users.


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