[infinispan-dev] Ant based kill not fully working? Re: ISPN-4567

Galder Zamarreño galder at redhat.com
Mon Sep 1 03:56:47 EDT 2014

Hi guys,

Thanks a lot for your feedback on this.

Having looked closer, the log message says:

> [echo] Killing Infinispan server with PID - 3658 29739 

And the pattern of how that log message gets computed is:

> <echo message="Killing Infinispan server with PID - ${pid}”/>

So, according to that, ${pid} is “3658 29739” which looks wrong.

Not sure what that means, whether there are two processes running and both should be killed, or the way the PID is computed is buggy.

InfinispanServerKillProcessor has a slightly different way to compute the PID, maybe it does it correctly? WDYT?


On 18 Aug 2014, at 15:28, Martin Gencur <mgencur at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hi Galder,
> I haven't seen this before. I thought the ant-based "kill" command was safe and reliable. It's hard to say what went wrong without further logs. Whether the kill command failed or whether there were other processes that were not found by the jps command.
> We could also try maven-exec-plugin and call the Unix "kill" command from it, instead of using the InfinispanServerKillProcessor.
> Martin
> On 12.8.2014 10:15, Jakub Markos wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I looked at it and I don't think using InfinispanServerKillProcessor would be any better,
>> since it still just calls 'kill -9'. The only difference is that it doesn't kill all
>> java processes starting from jboss-modules.jar, but just the one configured for the test.
>> Is it maybe possible that the kill happened, but the port was still hanging?
>> Jakub
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>>> Subject: Ant based kill not fully working? Re: ISPN-4567
>>> Hi,
>>> Dan has reported [1]. It appears as if the last server started in
>>> infinispan-as-module-client-integrationtests did not really get killed. From
>>> what I see, this kill was done via the specific Ant target present in that
>>> Maven module.
>>> I also remembered recently [2] was added. Maybe we need to get
>>> as-modules/client to be configured with it so that it properly kills
>>> servers?
>>> What I’m not sure is where we’d put it so that it can be consumed both by
>>> server/integration/testsuite and as-modules/client? The problem is that the
>>> class, as is, brings in arquillian dependency. If we can separate the
>>> arquillian stuff from the actual code, the class itself could maybe go in
>>> commons test source directory?
>>> @Tristan, thoughts?
>>> @Jakub, can I assign this to you?
>>> [1] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/ISPN-4567
>>> [2]
>>> https://github.com/infinispan/infinispan/blob/master/server/integration/testsuite/src/test/java/org/infinispan/server/test/util/arquillian/extensions/InfinispanServerKillProcessor.java
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