[infinispan-dev] Ant based kill not fully working? Re: ISPN-4567

Vojtech Juranek vjuranek at redhat.com
Mon Sep 1 11:12:52 EDT 2014


> So, according to that, ${pid} is “3658 29739” which looks wrong.
> Not sure what that means, whether there are two processes running and both
> should be killed, or the way the PID is computed is buggy.

IMHO it means that there are 2 processes running, both need to be killed. If 
the PID was wrong you'd have seen something like this in the build log:

[exec] kill: sending signal to XYZ failed: No such process
> InfinispanServerKillProcessor has a slightly different way to compute the
> PID, maybe it does it correctly? WDYT?

that being said, I don't believe InfinispanServerKillProcessor would help here 
- as Jakub already wrote, it also calls kill -9. IMHO the question is why the 
process is not killed by kill -9 (probably some zombie process, but how it can 
get to this state?).

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